dinsdag 4 juni 2013

Episode 25

This week I had a very, very, very bad hairday.
Keep calm and carry on, I say!
The camera in the laptop did its work finally.
How different webcam works differently is annoying, what can you do?
Just enjoy the ride I guess.

This weeks shownotes:

  • Here you can find all the information about RAP Tuesday. 
  • My Primavera is by Kimberly Gintar is almost finished.
  • Before my trip to the Netherlands I blocked my Dream Stripes and the result you can see here.
  • I finished my Rainbow socks and will put them on my Projects on RAV ASAP. 
The RAP winners from this week and last week are:
Melissa and I gave her the "My son's hero" by Sally Cameron and
Tena and I haven't gave away a pattern to her yet.

Hope you like what you saw and I will see you next week.

Keep knitting with pleasure.

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