dinsdag 19 maart 2013

Episode 17: A great weekend went by

Here you can find a picture of how traditional Lovikka mittens looks like.
I am sure that you can find a pattern on Ravelry of them.

Here you can find the class I did with Charlotte Kaae.
She makes wonderful things and this kit is really something I can recommend!
Just to try out who she does it and which technique she is using.

The drop spindles I ordered are from Charles Arnold from Hearthwise.
He makes wonders spindles and I am proud to have them in my collection.
You can find them on Facebook
Just look at the pictures and you will fall in love immediately.

You can find information about t he RAP's I was talking about in the show right here!
And.... spread the love.
I love the idea.
This weeks RAP is Mariawilhelmina!

See you next week and thanks for watching.

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