maandag 11 maart 2013

Episode 16: Finally shownotes

I apologize for the bad quality today.
Maybe I have to buy another camera or even another laptop!

I have opened upp a Etsy shop for my American friends.
Because I wasn't able to make the changes for Amerika in my regular shop.
You are welcome to take a look and tell me what you think about it!

On the needles:
I casted on (against my own rules) a sweater for my husband with different kind of cables which he has choosen all by himself (proud of him ;))

Off the needles:
The hat for my cousins dad and I am going to mail that today!
And hopefully it fits. Otherwise I have wool left to make a bigger one.

Haven't done that much but a bit anyway.
I have absolutely no idea what the fiber is because the owner of the shop I got it from did not no either.
I will ply them together and make something out of it.

The Hat Heels sock KAL is finished and 10 people actually made it to the deadline.
A price is appropriate and BIM HD is the lucky girl.!
Congratulations to you.

The next will be the Double Heelix sock by Jeny Stainman.
The patterns is free so no excuses for not participating!

Hope to see you next on my podcast.
Have fun watching!

1 opmerking:

  1. hello from Iowa USA :-)
    lovely podcast.. A young women from my hometown married & moved to Norway a few years ago.
    she was here for our county fair time last summer & came by our Knit booth . I enjoyed teaching her to knit & my daughter helped her daughter learn to crochet..
    she joked that she planned to bring her inlaws to Iowa in July to show them what REAL humid heat was all about ! :-)

    anyway.. that's my small connection to your area of the world ..

    My God Bless.